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Financial Opportunities

Providing members with an efficient and sustainable platform of financial products and services in an enabling and conducive environment that allows them to develop their full potential.

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Making it easy to manage your finance


Loans to get you over the threshold

Prepaid Cards

A range of choices for your everyday purchase

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Deposit account, Traditional savings and more

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Discounted Insurance accounts for Members

Borrow Wisely

3% for Overdraft

1.75% APY* for Consumption loans

1.25% APY Real Estate Loans

Online Purchases

Online Purchase & Payment

with our PECCU-UBA Prepaid VISA CARD

High Saving Rates

Savings as high as 5% APR for 12 Months

with our savings options

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Finance Your Projects and Initiatives

Credit Cards

Explore our credit card options

Savings Options

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PECCU: Financial Co-operative Credit Union owned and managed by its members. Founded by the employees of then PECTEN Cameroon company and now called ADDAX Petroleum Cameroon. Reg. Decision N°00395/MINIFI, and the Banking Commission for Central African States (COBAC) under decision N°D-2001/05 - Code N°19419. PECCU is affliliated to the Cameroon Co-operative Credit Union Leaque (CamCCUL).

+237 682 82 99 70


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